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Cloudflare for Teams Wireguard Config

Warning I'm going to go ahead and say this isn't a task for the weak and feeble. This isn't a method supported by Cloudflare, and could be against their TOS for all I know, thus making this process not straightforward. Summary This process involved installing the Android SDK on Windows with the AVD manager, using some command line knowledge, and knowing how to setup a Wireguard tunnel. We will make a device running Lollipop, as this allows us to extract the Wireguard configuration from the dev

Joining the NTP Pool

What is NTP? NTP, or Network Time Protocol is a UDP-based protocol on port 123 that allows computers to sync their time over the internet. NTP servers have different levels on a hierarchy based system, or stratums, with the highest at 0 being the reference clock sources that are not made public and are connected directly to stratum 1 servers, and so on and so forth. Endpoints such as your phone, computer, router, etc, can connect to any server at or below stratum 1. What Is the NTP Pool? The NT

Flashing OpenWRT to Luma Mesh Routers

Luma is one of those Mesh WiFi companies that didn't last very long. The last firmware pushed out for these access points was in January 2018. Over two years ago. Their website,, isn't even available anymore. However, the app still works, but don't expect to get any support. 3-pack of Luma Mesh SystemSo you may be asking yourself, what can I do to these access points to give them more customizability, make them more secure, or just have more control over them? These routers