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Running a RIPE Atlas Probe on OpenWRT

The RIPE Atlas network is described as "a global network of probes that measure Internet connectivity and reachability, providing an unprecedented understanding of the state of the Internet in real time." RIPE can either provide a hardware probe that you plug into an ethernet port if you apply and are accepted, or you can run a software probe, not needing any additional hardware, and apply online. Prerequisites * Create an account here and make note of your username/email address Installi

Secure DNS On A Linux-Based Hotspot

In my previous posts, I talked about the Netgear MR1100 and T-Mobile TMOHS1 hotspots. In them, I briefly spoke about mods you can perform on those devices, including modifying the TTL and changing the DNS servers. But I wanted a little more security on the DNS side, especially because we know that carriers perform deep packet inspection and God knows what else on their networks. Originally I planned to use cloudflared in its DNS mode, however, the binary file was much too big (~26MB) for the re

Netgear MR1100 Hotspot

After receiving a T-Mobile TMOHS1 hotspot, I was left craving a little more. I hopped on eBay, searched up for an MR1100 hotspot, and found an ATT model with a bad SIM reader for ~$50! Bought it, took a small knife to the gold contacts on the reader, and pushed them up a little, and we're up and running! I've been using the T-Mobile $10 business unlimited tablet plan, and I have read online that T-Mobile specifically blocks the IMEIs of MR1100s unless they're on specific hotspot plans. So my fi